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APTech to Hold its first “MTAC and USPS Roundtable Discussion” Webcast February 15, 2021

Registration now open for February 15, 2021 free online roundtable discussion featuring APTech’s MTAC representatives  

Reston, VA — The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech) will hold its first Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) update and roundtable discussion on the most recent MTAC meetings. APTech President Thayer Long will moderate the roundtable, which will take place on Monday, February 15, 2021 at 1:00 pm ET. There is no charge for this webcast.

MTAC meetings are a way for the United States Postal Service and the mailing community to optimize the value of mail-related products and services in the U.S. APTech represents equipment manufacturers, suppliers, printers and mailers within the printing, publishing and mailing industry value chain before the USPS and its customers.

Representing APTech members at the MTAC meetings and participating in the roundtable will be Andrew Schipke, Vice President Marketing and Strategic Sales, W+D North America, Judy Kalus, TMM Product Specialist, PB|, and Glen Swyers, Director Marketing Integration, Classic – The IMAGINE Group.

APTech President Thayer Long said, “APTech is proud of its ongoing participation in MTAC and we are grateful to our volunteer representatives for keeping our industry aware of issues that are relevant to the whole value chain.” He continued, “Our program is a unique opportunity to brief the industry of what is being done to optimize the relationship with the USPS and to bring in newer and innovative technologies to improve the system for all.”

“For MTAC members participating in these meetings with the USPS, it is an opportunity to try to get clarity and, in some instances, to press forcefully on issues of concern to mailers such as service delivery declines and future rate increases,” asserted W+D’s Andrew Schipke. He added, “It’s clear that COVID was only one of critical factors at the root of the Postal Service’s delivery issues; the dramatic increase in package volumes also contributed greatly since USPS systemwide logistics were not adequate to handle the dramatic rise in volume that we saw last year.”

The webcast will be interactive, and attendees are invited to bring or submit questions that the presenters can respond to during the session.

To register and learn more information about the webinar, visit If you have questions, please contact Julie Shaffer or Thayer Long To learn more about the Association for PRINT Technologies, please visit our website:

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