Celebrate Emerging Innovation at PRINT 18

The Association for PRINT Technologies Advances the Industry through a Showcase of Groundbreaking Products called RED HOT Technologies

The printing and graphic communications industry is evolving—immersing itself in a digital world that’s steeped in innovation. In order to maintain a competitive edge, printing and graphic communications professionals must stay on top of new technology, implement new equipment into their operations and tap into new product areas to diversify their offerings.

The Association for PRINT Technologies leads the way to achieving all of these goals through its industry-leading annual event, PRINT, where cutting-edge education and a comprehensive showcase of innovative products and services combine to serve as a one-stop shop for professionals looking to advance their career, their business and their industry as a whole.

It’s always exciting to stroll the exhibit marketplace at PRINT and scope out all the latest products emerging in the industry. This year, PRINT 18 amplifies that excitement with the inaugural RED HOT Technology Recognition Program, showcasing new and coming-to-market products in the printing and graphic communications industry. The program highlights products and advancements that represent the evolution and forward movement of the industry. Exhibitors were asked to submit their latest innovations for inclusion in the program in the following 12 categories, recognized by the Association for PRINT Technologies as the industry’s most trending areas of advancement:  

  • Sales & Management Systems
  • Workflow Automation Systems
  • Color Management, Prepress & Pre-media
  • Marketing and Multi-channel Solutions
  • Pressroom Equipment – Analog
  • Digital Presses
  • Hybrid Print Technologies
  • Wide-Format Digital Printing Devices
  • Specialty Printing, Post-Press & Finishing
  • Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Building and Environmental
  • Consumables and Substrates

“The exhibition is a big part of the PRINT event, where manufacturers come to showcase their products,” says Julie Shaffer, associate vice president, program and community development, Association for PRINT Technologies. “We want to evolve the way we recognize ’what’s new’ and be inclusive of all the recently-introduced equipment and services shown on the floor. We know that many people spend part of their time at PRINT visiting the exhibit marketplace just to see the latest technology and products shown there. So one of the reasons we developed the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program  was to provide a roadmap for attendees to easily discover them.”

Products highlighted in the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program will be easily identifiable on the PRINT 18 Exhibit Floor, the printed event program and on the Event App.

Shaffer explains that this ease of identification of new innovation was an important goal of the program. “I recently spoke to a group of printers and asked them what they most look forward to seeing on the exhibit floor at industry events. A few said large events can be overwhelming because of the sheer number of booths vying for your attention. I’ve been to many events and have found this to be true myself.”  

“This RED HOT Technology Recognition Program is the answer. As an attendee, if you happen to be in the market for something specific or in a certain niche,  the product guide can help provide focus. And for those attendees who come to the event each year specifically to see what’s new, this program is the perfect tool to have.”

Adding to the excitement this year are the inaugural RED HOT Vanguard Awards. Awarded to vendors who are pushing the industry forward through game-changing new technology, the RED HOT Vanguard Awards will recognize winners in three categories:

  • The RED HOT Breakthrough Award, which recognizes products that build on existing technology to significantly advance its use
  • The RED HOT Collaboration Award, which recognizes innovative new products that result from a combination of technologies from different manufacturers
  • The RED HOT Pioneer Award, which will be given to a product advancement that is the first of its kind or entirely new to this industry

By adding the RED HOT Technology Recognition Program and the RED HOT Vanguard Awards to its already engaging event, the Association for PRINT Technologies maintains its reputation as the leader in the industry to identify the trends that will continue to evolve the world of printing and graphic communications. Asked what she’s most excited about for the coming year, Shaffer points to two areas that are piquing her interest.  

“In reviewing the participants in the RED HOT program this year, I noticed that there were many that involved integrations between different products,” she says, “there were dozens of examples of connectivity developed between diverse applications, for example, between an MIS solution and a mailing solution. This spirit of collaboration is very encouraging, as it will lead to greater efficiencies, and one would expect, profitability, for printing operations.”

And that’s just the beginning of the excitement. By showcasing all the printing innovations that are poised for growth—wide-format and production inkjet printing, to digital, to trade bindery and finishing—PRINT is truly leading the way to the future of printing and graphic communications.

PRINT 18 is coming soon! Don’t miss your chance to scope out all the newest advancements in your industry!

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