APTech Develops Action Plan For Change in the Industry

APTech has been listening, talking, researching and finding ways to make real change in the industry.

Words matter, but so does action.

APTech has identified several diversity initiatives that we will be undertaking over the next months and years ahead. We are working on a long-term plan for our organization, and we plan to address this indefinitely.

In an effort to amplify Black voices, instead of speak for them, we will do the following:

  • Commit to finding, and then showcasing, introducing, highlighting Black-owned Print industry businesses in our periodicals, on our social pages, and on our podcasts.
  • Identifying and Interviewing Black executives and Black Print industry professionals (as well as other appropriate vertical industries) on our channels who are willing to share their experiences so we can listen and learn.
  • Sourcing and offering qualified diversity and inclusion experts as a resource for our member companies who wish to create more meaningful discussions and action.
  • Actively engaging our network on APTech Connect to discuss this further and source additional ideas– to listen and learn.

APTech understands this is not about us.  This is about creating significant change with REAL ACTION — NOT JUST WORDS.  

We invite the wider Print industry to do the same.  

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