Episode 5: Listen in and learn how HP’s great line up of DesignJet Printers can fit or even simplify your color consistency needs.

Color management does not have a single path. And HP knows that. HP has supplied the tools with our DesignJet printers to fit the needs of just how little or how much color control you want in your life.

In episode 5 of the Wide Format Print Lab Podcast, learn how the HP DesignJet Z-series hits the sweet spot between pricing, production speed, TCO, and most importantly color fidelity. Eddie, Mindi, and HP color management expert, Hien Nguyen, will discuss the Color Management features that are built into the Z-series to enable any customer to become a color specialist without the fancy degree. HP will cover:

  • How to create and manage an ICC profile
  • How to match a specific color
  • How the Built in Spectrophotometer, off-line Spectrophotometer, Pantone and Pantone emulation, spot coloring enable any customer to manage color saving them time and money with HP’s unique color management efficiencies.

Speaking of HP’s great software solutions, we previously talked about the amazing HP Applications Center and all of the free pre-designed files it offers. It now has added even more free to use imagery for schools! Directional signage, plus health & safety files for your K-12 needs. Please check out HPapplicationscenter.com to see the plethora of wonderful imagery that is easily available for you today.

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