Transform your business.

We've refocused our mission to support the changing needs of our members, and with more than 87 years of experience serving the print industry, we’re well-positioned to do it. Take advantage of the programs, research, publications, and discounts members receive to set your business up for continued success.

For years you knew us for our trade show. Now it’s time to get to know the new APTech and learn about the programs and services that benefit our members.

Exclusive access to industry research

Members have full access to APTech's complete research library. With new content developed and added regularly, members can access insights into industry and business trends to help them innovate and transform their business. 


Our LeadingPRINT platform is driving business growth for our members. The content fosters the critical skills needed for real transformation and enables our members to avoid “business as usual” options faced by many organizations today.

Industry Standards that impact your bottom line

APTech is a leader in creating standards that allow the entire supply chain – from equipment manufacturers to technology providers to printers – to work with a single set of requirements irrelevant to the country of import/export. The development and standardization of a common language across all print technologies ensure employee safety, production quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Members benefit from the ability to contribute to committees and receive free or reduced participation fees as part of the member benefits package.

Money-saving programs

Member discounted insurance

Through an affiliate membership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), APTech is pleased to be able to offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plan options for you and your employees. This program allows smaller members’ companies (from 2-99 employees) to band together and take advantage of enrollment efficiencies, administrative cost savings, and product flexibility previously only available to larger companies. This is a members-only benefit and only available in states where permitted by law.

Reduce shipping costs

Veteran transportation and logistics consultancy, ICC Logistics  Services, Inc. (ICC), helps APTech members reduce costly shipping expenses by negotiating with parcel and freight carriers to create pricing agreements and contracts. In addition, ICC provides auditing services that minimize shippers’ expenses, turning logistics spend into a profit center.

Creating communities of YOUR customers

APTech creates meaningful gateways to brand owners and marketers – those who create the demand for print. 

APTech is facilitating programs that bring our members together with marketers in the Higher Education and Wellness spaces, creating a unique community that includes our members and their customers.  These marketers are the driving force behind the rediscovery of the value of print and they are demanding new products that require future investments in creativity and technology.

  • Quarterly printed magazines with digital editions
  • Websites with timely, relevant information
  • Regional events (in person and virtually)
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

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