TC130 Working Groups

U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 130 – Graphic Technology

Membership on the US TAG to ISO TC 130 is open to all U.S. organizations and individuals who indicate that they are directly and materially affected by the standards work.  Members are expected, at a minimum, to review and comment on documents under development which fall into their areas of interest and expertise.

Working Groups

WG 1 – Terminology
WG 2 – Prepress data exchange
WG 2 TF 2 – PDF/X
WG 2 TF 3 – VDX
WG 3 – Process control & related metrology
WG4 – Media and materials
WG5 – Safety and Ergonomics
JWG 7 – Colour Management (with ICC
WG 10 – Management of  security printing processes
WG 11 – Environmental impact of graphics technology
WG 12 – Postpress
JWG 14 – Print quality measurement methods
JWG 15 – Development of environmental standards related to e-media
JWG 25 – Use of XMP for digital photography
Task Force 3 – Workflow standards roadmap

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