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APTech Free Webinar: Going Postal! A Town Hall Discussion on USPS Issues for PSPs and Mailers

Join APTech and a panel of industry experts on August 25th at 2pm

APTech has opened registration to its latest webinar, Going Postal! A Town Hall Discussion on Top Postal Issues for PSPs and Mailers” on August 25, 2020, 2:00-3:00 p.m. which is free to APTech current and future members.

Join us for a “town hall”- style meeting, led by postal affairs expert, Leo Raymond, Managing Director of Mailers Hub to discuss the biggest postal issues that will impact our industry including topics such as how the Postmaster General’s proposed USPS budget cuts will impact service? Will rates increase again? Is the USPS headed toward privatization? What would that mean for you and your business?

The already cash-strapped USPS has taken a huge revenue hit because of the pandemic, as marketing mail, which makes up over 50% of mail volume, slowed to a crawl with the economy. Without tapping a federal loan, they were in danger of bottoming out by September. The new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, promises to “pivot” and bring the USPS to financial stability, but some of these cost-saving measures, like reductions in overtime, could result in slower mail delivery – potentially bad news for any business reliant on timely delivery of mail and the printing and mail service companies that support them.

Mail and print practitioners, including Arthur B. Sackler, Executive Director, National Postal Policy Council, Julie Hennek, Vice President, Sales, Bolger, Rose Flannagan, Manager of Postal Strategies for Data-Mail, Kurt Ruppel, Director Postal Policy and Marketing Communications, IWCO Direct, and and Angelo Anagnostopoulos, VP Postal Affairs at Grayhair will join Leo on the program.

Attendees can expect a lively discussion they can take part in. Registrants, as part of the sign-up process, will be able to pose postal-related questions they would like to have discussed during the session. Live questions will be taken during the program as well.

The webinar is free to APTech members and non-members. For additional information or to register, visit the event registration page.

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