2023 Programming

Brand New for 2023!

Look for our exciting new programming on Tactile Marketing, Executive Leadership and Industry Software.

In 2023, with an industry in recovery, companies are seeking opportunities for growth and solutions to their product and business needs. Our educational programming will consist of live and virtual events: three event-based programs along with a webinar-based leadership well-being series.

APTech provides a fresh approach to the one-size fits all trade show approach. Our events are smaller, more intimate and geographically dispersed. Our topics are issues that companies are currently facing, or areas of genuine interest that are both topical and helpful to growth or resolving a business need. Your attendance will reach customers and vendors you might not otherwise come across.

LeadingPRINT Summit 2023 Logo: inspire. lead. succeed. Rosemont, IL. June 114-15, 2023


Gathering print industry leaders for an event centered on positive approaches to the challenges facing executives today.


  • June14-15, 2023. Rosemont, Illinois (greater Chicago)
  • Program begins June 14 with an executive Peak Performance workshop, followed by a reception
  • June 15 kicks off with a breakfast and “state of the state” program before the primary keynote.
  • Sessions cover topics such as the new role of the CEO, how to recruit and retain talent today, and discussions with business leaders who have successfully led their companies through significant transition.
  • Afternoon we bus to the Quantum Group for a tour of the facility, and discussion with the CEO.
  • Cap day with reception and “dine-around” option to bring smaller groups together.


  • Attendees gain solid intelligence about the state of our industry and current business environment.
  • Program offers expert guidance building an organizational culture that supports well-being and greater purpose – and thriving into the future.
  • The focus is on the business leader, the owner or CEO, who has weathered a few tough years, offering actionable content to support them, personally and organizationally.
  • Ample opportunity for attendees to connect with organizational leaders – plus a tour of the Quantum Group facility, a leading printing company in Chicago.


Amplify Roadshows: A series of afternoon/evening programs extolling print embellishment & tactile marketing for PSPs, marketers, and creatives


  • Early September in Kansas City and early November in greater NYC area.
  • Tactile marketing and vast opportunities around finishing, embellishment for brands, the central theme for Amplify.
  • Building out a program to provide regular sample kits for members/subscribers.
  • The roadshows will comprise a happy hour-style evening event featuring short discussions about the impact and importance of tactile marketing with “show-and tell”
  • Featuring demos of the coolest examples of embellished print.
  • Kansas City location boasts Hallmark and several of the largest embellishment/finishers in U.S.
  • Participating will be Gina Danner CEO of NextPage and FSEA's Jeff Peterson & FSEA members; many opportunities for involvement and cool attendees.


  • Participants will immerse themselves in the impact and importance of all that can be achieved in finishing and embellishment.
  • Networking and gathering with industry colleagues and friends for an evening of visual and technical achievement.
  • You'll want to know and discover the answer to: “How did they do that!”

*In partnership with the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA)


Software is key to every business, and for print and marketing service providers there are many diverse types of software in use, and more that organizations could use but often don’t have resources to research new tech.


  • September 19-21, 2023. Boulder, Colorado
  • Software Summit: 2.5-day program on the future of print that includes software development & major automation.
  • There are many diverse types of software in use, and more that organizations could use but often don’t have resources to research new tech; our program is dedicated to providing this for print and marketing service providers.
  • 2.5-day, multi-track program opens with keynote presentation. Breaks into tracks (mgmt. and technical) that address a range of technology-focused topics.
  • Gather together for lunch, followed by continuation of the day's tracked content.
  • Day 1 will end with second keynote and reception.
  • Day two, continuation of multi-tracks that come together midday for “bring it all together” sessions, with lunch and early afternoon adjourn.


  • The primary kick-off keynote will be a name in the technology realm, followed by breakouts in two overall tracks, sessions aimed at company business management and sessions aimed at technology professionals.
  • Topics will be organized by functional areas in printing companies, business management, process management, production, and external interfaces.
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