EDgage, is a content platform that aims to engage with the marketing minds within higher education. Our quarterly magazine, monthly digital content and regional Summits are built to inspire new ideas, inform about the latest marketing services and support your marketing efforts in an ever-changing landscape.

We believe that great engagement comes from the creation of great content—the combination of connecting with leading experts in marketing and uncovering the stories that matter most to you.

EDgage Online includes additional content to support higher education marketers and enrollment specialists and is distributed through email and social networks while being archived on www.EDgageMag.com.

Wellness Marketer

Wellness Marketer is a content platform that seeks ways to improve both your marketing strategy and tactics. Our content inspires new thoughts and ultimately helps build an enduring legacy for your brand.

Wellness Marketer will dive into the trends and issues of the day, while sharing intricate stories of inspiring wellness organizations and their marketing departments through quarterly publications and live events.

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