LeadingPRINT Portfolio

The LeadingPRINT Suite of products and programs  is our content platform that shares entrepreneurial stories of the printers transforming their businesses, expert advice from outside the industry and strategic-based content that will guide you to prosperity.

LeadingPRINT is about looking forward. The businesses we have today are not the same as they were a few years ago. The future is an uncertain place, but LeadingPRINT will help lead the way. 

LeadingPRINT Magazine

LeadingPRINT is not a trade magazine, a buyer’s guide or a trade show. It is a content platform that inspires through multiple vehicles. LeadingPRINT magazine, the LeadingPRINT CEO Summits, LP podcasts, and our LP Online digital strategy will all be utilized to explain “how” you can succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

LeadingPRINT Summits

Based on the concept of radical innovation, you will learn the realities of business cycles and see the “S-curve” ahead, with guidance on how to jump it. Learn how to avoid commoditization, cash flow pressure and sales slow-downs that drive a business to a dangerous tipping point. You will hear from entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated their own business transformation and learn the dynamics of radical business innovation. Ask questions. Pitch ideas. Get advice. Since it’s delivered online, you can watch from anywhere.

Leading Print the Poodcast

LeadingPRINT Podcasts

The printing industry is in a state of transformation and APTech is the organization helping the entire print value chain achieve success through honest conversations with industry leaders who have transformed their businesses and entered on a path of success. Whether you’re a PSP, OEM, or Brand Owner, this podcast is for you.

Advanced Leadership

LeadingPRINT: Advanced Leadership Program 

The LeadingPRINT Advanced Leadership Program is a unique collaboration between industry experts at APTech and leadership from George Mason University’s School of Business. Designed to provide leaders in the printing industry with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully transform their companies and generate continued success in an industry being disrupted by radical change in technologies, markets, business, and financial models.

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