Brand Owner Council

Where brand owners meet for peer-to-peer learning, sharing, and networking.

Offering a platform where members can share their experiences and discuss current topics of interest in brand packaging.

 The Brand Owner Council was established to:

  • Provide a forum for a brand owners group to discuss and develop best practices that will align their business partners with a common methodology to deliver consistent design intent on packaging,
  • Empower brand owners to contribute to the development of standards that improve communication across their suppliers, and
  • Benefit printers and measurement equipment manufacturers by saving them time and resources by providing requirements and evaluation criteria spelled out in a common fashion by their customers.

 Schema for packaging standards

A key achievement of the Brand Owner Council is the universal schema for packaging standards – from design to final printed product. This schema can be used by brand owners to optimize their supply chain as it provides best practices that simplify their processes and ensure their suppliers are current with national and international standards for the industry.

What current members are saying:

On the packaging schema – “ONE standard.”

Michael Onderwater / Kraft Heinz

“Being connected to Steve Smiley, Brand Owner Council Chair, feels like we have a voice in the standards committees. As councilpersons, we are aligned with each other for our own standards that do align with the goals set forth by said committees as well as our industry.” 

—Michael John | 3M

“Sharing positive and pain points with colleagues and hearing how some are managed. It’s great to know that if I am experiencing a new issue, I have a group of people that may have also been down that path and what the best solution was for the situation (Priceless!).”

Michael John | 3M

An Invitation to Brand Owners

The Brand Owner Council meets monthly by teleconference. Examples of topics discussed include:

  • Carbon foot-printing the print and packaging industry,
  • SCTV, and
  • iccMAX.

If you are a Brand Owner and would like to be a part of this group contact Debbie Orf.

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