CGATS Technologies Standards

Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards

APTech supports and administers the activities of the ANSI-Accredited Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS).


CGATS was formed in 1987 following a year-long assessment of the need for an umbrella standards committee by the Image Technology Standards Board (ITSB) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and received ANSI accreditation in 1989.

The goal of CGATS is to have the entire scope of technical work for printing, publishing and converting technologies represented in one national standardization and coordination effort.

CGATS provides a vehicle for other industry organizations that have specifications to work under the CGATS “umbrella” to move their work into the standards arena, and have the work developed and approved as an American National Standard. The result of these joint efforts is the development of an ANSI CGATS standard.

The committee works to improve the efficiency of national standards development, facilitates information exchange, coordinates multi-discipline standards activities and is a liaison for international standards development.


CGATS has standards, either approved or in draft, relating to:

  • metrology
  • terminology
  • process control
  • electronic transmission
  • digital data exchange
  • color data definition
  • design workflow for packaging
  • ink and color characterization for packaging
  • plates
  • pallet loading of printed materials

Standards are developed within subcommittees (SC), working groups (WG), or task forces (TF). Participation in standards development is open to anyone having an interest. To ensure standards stay current, all standards undergo a periodic review every five years to determine whether to reaffirm, revise or withdraw the standard.


Participation on CGATS committees and at meetings is open to anyone having an interest. Download a CGATS Membership Application.

For more information contact the APTech Standards.

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